HK Ocean Park

March 24, 2023
Latest company case about HK Ocean Park

500W SOGA G1 Series floodlights with the customized spectrum specially for sea animals were used in this project to bring a healthy and proper light for both animals and tourists. 60% energy got saved after this replacement with SOGA Floodlights.


In some application, high lumen efficiency doesn’t equal to high light efficiency. This is a good project to prove this idea. As we all know, normal white light can hardly go through the sea water, which means can hardly bring tourists a good visual experience, and also far not enough to help create a happy, healthy living environment for the sea animals. So in this respect, simply high lumen efficiency makes no much sense.


Put the right light in the right place is always the company principle of SOGA, and we are not only a manufacturer of LED lights, but also a responsible company who is striving for to working out the most suitable lighting solutions for different projects !